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Making Assumptions

We make assumptions about people on a daily basis, consciously or unconsciously. We create our personal perception of them based ...
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Grandma: Does It Count?

Many years ago, I was called as the Visiting Teacher Coordinator. The Bishop asked me to meet and we sat ...
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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

I think we can all agree that testimony meeting in the Church can be an uplifting spiritual experience or it ...
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Fathers Don’t Babysit

You drop your wife to Church for a Relief Society meeting. Your youngest child is at the backseat of your ...
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Mormon Dating Nightmares

Dating in the Church as a Young Single Adult can be a great thing that can help you to develop ...
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She-ra & The Power Allegory

As a child, I was a big a fan of He-Man and She-Ra. Hey, don't try to guess my age ...
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Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s Amazing Tan

If we were in Hollywood and I have to think of one person that could play the role of George ...
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Marriage Equality

I consider myself to be an unorthodox Mormon. I have my own views on homosexuality and gay marriage that probably ...
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