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Mormon, And Why I will Continue Using It

If you think I will do that out of pure rebellion, you’re….right. Now, seriously let me explain. The Church throughout ...
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I Am Not A Racist

Note: This post is meant to be sarcastic, so please don't panic. Let me get this off my chest because ...
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Lo And Behold A Vegan

Let’s see: I am already a black-sheep Mormon ✓(Most can tolerate it) a feminist ✓(Ok…it is starting to get hm) ...
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“It Is Not Necessary For Our Salvation”

This has to be the most annoying made-up phrase Mormons like to use. It should be um…denounced as false doctrine ...
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Mr. Millionaire

Once upon a time in a very strange land, there was a millionaire with peculiar-looking dye-blond hair who was eating ...
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Gay Mormons Do Exist, Get Over It

Today, a good friend of mine contacted me to tell me that he is going back to Church after his ...
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Double Standards: Sexual Molestation

The recent news about Josh Duggar allegedly sexually molesting five minors, including his own sisters seemed to have been a ...
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And Forbid Them Not

Well, I suggest that you grab your stones quickly and start aiming at me because let me tell you I ...
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