“It Is Not Necessary For Our Salvation”


“It Is Not Necessary For Our Salvation”

This has to be the most annoying made-up phrase Mormons like to use. It should be um…denounced as false doctrine within the Mormon community.

Come on, seriously! It is especially frustrating when you are trying to have an intelligent exchange about Church history or perhaps you are already debating with someone and you are so excited about discussing the topic when suddenly, this wannabe Einstein shows up out of the blue, has nothing of significance to contribute to the issue at hand (Because they either don’t know about it or the topic makes them uncomfortable) but they state sanctimoniously and in an authoritative fashion: “It is not important because it is not necessary for our salvation!”. But excuse me LDS Doctrine Police?? I feel to throw a punch or two when I hear that and I assure you, I am not a violent person.

First of all, we need to understand that people have… *gulp* questions and that’s how we learn…yes, questions and it is perfectly okay to search for answers, it won’t send anyone less active or turn them into super-evil apostates. Sometimes questions turn into healthy questioning but boy, from that point forward everybody loses their minds. Family thinks you have lost your testimony, you are accused of reading anti-Mormon literature and all you have been doing *legit* was to study Church history.

All questions are valid and no one should make another person feel less faithful, less valiant, and less Mormon just because they dare to ask questions that many choose to keep to themselves. They shouldn’t go around wondering if what they are asking is worth knowing or if they shouldn’t bother at all because it is not a “requirement” to enter the Celestial Kingdom. No…by the contrary, they should be encouraged to ask, encouraged to learn and encouraged to seek answers. Who cares if it is necessary for salvation or not? Who determines what topics we should discuss and what topics we should leave alone? Is there a checklist in Mormondom I am unaware of or something?

Let people do their research, let them gain knowledge but pulling a“it is not important because it is not necessary for our salvation! “ card to try to shut down the entire discussion just because you (Generally *you*) don’t know the answer or don’t want to know, it is extremely annoying. Which by the way makes you indirectly annoying too, but just for the duration of the phrase so don’t worry.

This is how I see it: If the person is afraid to say they don’t know about the topic let me tell you, it is perfectly okay to say: “I don’t know!” and be honest about it. No one has ever died when they acknowledge they are ignorant about a particular topic. I say it all the time. It is easy, repeat after me: “I-don’t-know”. See how easy that was? And pain-free for everyone!

Now, if the topic makes a person uncomfortable (And I am not talking about inappropriate topics here, but those that might cause a few eyebrows to rise up such as plural marriage, priesthood ban and the like) then perhaps it is better not to participate? However, if you are itching to say something because you are unable to cope with the fact that such ungodly topics are being discussed among faithful members of the Church, then do me a favor before you tear your clothes…take a chill pill, breathe in and out for a few seconds, sing I am a child of God or stuff your mouth with a sock I don’t care! But do something before you state the infamous and irritating: “It is not important because it is not necessary for our salvation!”.

Signed: CheekyMormonHighlyAnnoyedByFoolishness.

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