And Forbid Them Not


And Forbid Them Not

Well, I suggest that you grab your stones quickly and start aiming at me because let me tell you I do not agree at all with the new amendment to the LDS Handbook 1 preventing children in same-sex marriages from being blessed, baptized and participating in other ordinances.

But wait, I cannot even believe I am writing this post but I tend to forget that we justify and rationalize everything as long as the leaders say so. Heck, one day a leader could ask us to dig our nose while reading the Book of Mormon so we could increase our spiritual experience and we will find a scripture to support it and even share a few revelations of following the counsel.

Now before you say you don’t give a crap what I think (Fair enough) and that all it matters is how the Church sees it (Well, that’s up to debate), I would like to share with you why I think this amendment sucks and it’s nothing shorter than embarrassing for a Church that spent millions of dollars in trying to appear as understanding and approachable with regards to LGTB- related issues.

The change seems to have been done in haste and fear and is definitely not aimed only to the children of these couples but also sends a very strong and direct message to any member who happens to support same-sex marriages. Watch out. Runnnnnnn, all those gays and gay-friendly folks will take over the Church so we better ensure they don’t come at all!

Why we don’t say it like it is: The gay “issue” is getting out of proportion for the Church, particularly in the internet era and since we cannot do anything with regards to the existent gay folks so what a better way to dissuade the new generation of gay supporters from joining than putting road blocks of all sorts on their way so they never become members of the Church and we can ensure they do not contaminate our pure, worthy and unshakable kind. Isn’t beautiful? Love it.

I can only imagine those babies in sacrament meeting receiving a blessing. The nerve! How can they expect a name and a blessing from the Lord if they are nothing but the offspring of sinners! We are the true Church upon this Earth and have the true Priesthood so it is within our right to deny them a blessing even though they have done nothing wrong, nada, zero.

You don’t understand Cheeky Mormon, the change was done to “protect” the children in same-sex families from receiving mixed messages in their home and Church. Really? I say baloney.

How many children from heterosexual parents go through that every single day? I met once a girl whose father was a Nazi-supporter and in their home the father practically worshiped Hitler. She was never denied a baby blessing neither baptism. What about children being born from inter-religious couples? Are they denied a blessing as well? The answer is no. I don’t know what bothers me most, the actual amendment or the failed attempt to explain the unexplained with cheap rhetoric.

One thing is for sure, if we are going to announce an amendment denying a baby a blessing and baptism, solely on the fact that they happen to have gay parents, shouldn’t the Church also announce an amendment to Matthew 19:14?

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not (Except if you are a child of a same-sex marriage), to come unto me (How dare you child of sin!): for of such is the kingdom of heaven (Only if your parents are heterosexual obvvvviously).

Nice. Just what Jesus would do. Don’t you feel the Spirit?

3 thoughts on “And Forbid Them Not”

  1. Amen, Sister Cheeky, amen. I wholeheartedly agree on not knowing which is worse. I can almost understand The Brethren doing this to protect the church. But the public explanation? Really? No doubt it was cobbled together after the outrage, without much thought.

    It’s easy for them to dismiss exmos, but when so many of us faithful called out the policy for what it is, they had to say something. It’s nice to have you back. I’ve missed your wit. I just wish it was something better that prompted you to weigh in.

  2. Let’s be fair.The children aren’t being banned from the Church. They can attend meetings just like any other person and when they reach the age of 18 they will be able to enjoy all the blessings if they renounce their parent’s sinful lifestyle. It’s not the Church’s fault if they want to join! If they want to be part of it, they have to make the necessary adjustments to fit our dogma and not the other way around. Sounds bad? So be it. These children will be indoctrinated with the idea that homosexuality is good and acceptable and who knows they may become gay themselves. I’m very glad the Church created this new policy.

  3. Humph. Josh C with all due respect you should search more about homosexuality before you decide to write whatever crosses your mind.

    Homosexuality isn’t contagious and these children aren’t going to turn gay just because the parents are gay… With that sense guess who produces gay children? Heterosexual couples buddy.

    About the policy I agree it sucks but I’m not surprised.

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