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A Christ For Everyone

Today I was reading in the scriptures this account of Matthew(27)when Jesus was arrested: "And while he yet spake, lo, ...
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The Modern Mormon Jesus

Did you ever wonder how Jesus would look like if he was clean shaven, with short hair and wearing a ...
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Priesthood In Pink

"Women are going to pray in Conference, hope they are happy!", told me a brother recently looking visibly upset. "Why ...
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John W. Young: Why He Didn’t Become A Prophet

John Willard Young was Brigham Young and Mary Ann Angell" sixth child and third son. He was the youngest person ...
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Spiritual Bazookas

The last few days I have been pondering about how much time we seem to spend on assuming things about ...
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Young Women, Leadership And Spirituality

I was reading an excellent blog post on My Uncommon Dissent about leadership training of young men versus leadership training ...
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There Is Room For Everyone

Before I joined the LDS Church as a young child, I was a Catholic (well, sort of). I spent seven ...
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The Three Hour Sunday Block

In 1981, the Church announced the introduction of what we refer to as the "Three Hour Sunday Block". Prior to ...
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