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The last few days I have been pondering about how much time we seem to spend on assuming things about others. If a person has tattoos we immediately label them as wild, if the person is less active it’s because they don’t have a testimony, if a person disagrees with a Church leader or cultural Church practice, they are in the road to apostasy, and so on.

We seem to want to coerce others to comply to our own very limited understanding of what we believe to be true. We go around very sure of ourselves, pointing fingers at others and passing quick judgments about them without knowing their lives or their circumstances. In most instances, we use mean and unkind words to describe them but we ensure to say at the same time that we do it in the name of defending Christ’s Church.

Every time we meet someone, we judge. Often times even before we ever get to know them at all. It’s human nature. Mormons are not the exception to the rule because when you clearly add any religion to the mix (when we have religious discussions) it becomes a deadly combination, a spiritual bazooka with spiteful grenades ready to be launched in order to hurt and destroy others just because someone may have a different view on a topic.

Of course, besides all this, we seem to have the supernatural ability to read minds and intentions and we label and attach these intentions as we see it fit. We do it in Church when we judge and assume things about someone based on their physical appearance, education, ethnicity, church activity, financial status or hierarchy in callings.

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Spiritual Bazookas also seem to be more and more prevalent online, where our self-labeled soldiers are ready to ambush the enemy at the tiniest perception of threat against the Church. The problem is that their perceived attack is often times just a respectful disagreement, and the people they are launching an attack against are from the same exact troop, not the enemy.

It seems like often times, in our well-intentioned overzeal to defend the Church we are unable to recognize the ally from the foe.

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  1. There were several talks in the last GC about the way we should treat others I think most people are decent with good hearts even those who disagree with us.

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