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Many years ago, when I was working in the newsroom and PR department for the LDS Church abroad I received a phone call during a very busy morning:

Me: Hello?

Person: Good Morning. I would like to speak with Shelly (not real name).

Me: Sure, who’s calling?

Person: Nephi

Me: Ummm” I beg your pardon?

Person: I said, Nephi

Me talking to Shelly: Hey Shelly, you have a phone call

Shelly: Who is it?

Me: Nephi

Shelly: Who?

Me: Nephi!

Shelly: Oh, come on STOP IT, it’s too early for this!

Me: I am not kidding you! Nephi is indeed on the phone!

*Shelly walks away shaking her head in disbelief*

Me to Nephi: I’m sorry Nephi, Shelly walked out

Nephi: Why?!

Me: Because she doesn’t believe you’re Nephi

Nephi: How come?

Me: I don’t know how to say this, no offense but… I think it’s because you’re supposed to be dead

Nephi: …………

Me: Hello?

*Call ended sound*


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  1. Hilarious! Here in Utah those names are quite common so it wouldn’t be a shocker. I always found it is weird to be hanging out with people with those names.

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