Blessing Of Food


I must confess the blessing of the food is something that I cannot completely figure out.

I understand the need to pray to thank the Lord for the food we are about to eat to show our appreciation for the blessings we have but I do not understand when we ask the Lord to bless the meal that they “may nourish and strengthen our bodies”. I mean, if we are eating something really unhealthy for example how that process takes place? What automatically happens when we bless it? Does the Lord change the molecular components of any food (Healthy or unhealthy) so they nourish our bodies?

Now, don’t get me wrong I understand the need for the blessing of food in remote areas where food might be scarce and people just eat whatever they can get (In some cases, even trash), I think it is quite logical under those circumstances that due to sanitary conditions or rudimentary ways to prepare food, praying about what you eat seems to be the logical thing to do. But other than those occasions, I am not sure of its purpose especially in Church activities where cookies, cakes, corn dogs, soda, pizzas, doritos have a house of their own.

I am not a health freak, I just find it a little hilarious without trying to be sacrilegious…

I just imagine a tray full of fried chicken dripping with oil and another of super buttery cinnamon rolls and the words:

“Lord, please bless these cinnamon rolls we are about to receive so they become less buttery and sugary and the fried chicken as well so it becomes less oily and less clogging for our heart arteries”.

Cinnamon rolls and fried chicken, you are now healed from all your deceases.

Let the feast begin!

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