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Open Letter To My Conservative Brethren

It has been a while; I guess part of me didn't want to get all serious. Diplomatically speaking, Church life ...
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The Lady

When I was around seven years old, my sister and I would go over to a friend's house almost every ...
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One of the things that gets on my nerves (And yeah, it doesn't take much because there is Italian blood ...
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Kate Kelly In The Matrix

Today, is a very sad day. The founder of the Ordain Women group, Kate Kelly has been excommunicated. As I ...
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All Is Not Well In Zion

I woke up a few days ago with the news that two members of the Church involved in the Ordain ...
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Priesthood Ban And Past Theories

Most of you know that I'm very interested in Church history. I spend a few hours a day studying, researching ...
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Interracial Marriage

Dear Cheeky: I am 25 years old and started dating this guy a little over 10 months now and he ...
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Blessing Of Food

I must confess the blessing of the food is something that I cannot completely figure out. I understand the need ...
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