Large Families: Commandment?



Dear Cheeky: What do you think about having large families when its not financially possible to do so? Some people tell me the Lord will provide but I personally feel a little bit of family planning needs to take priority, anyway what do you think?

Dear Josh: I think the number of children a couple should have is a personal decision that should be taken very seriously.

I believe the decision of having or not a large family goes beyond just financial situation but also health: Physical and mental preparedness from both parents. Same applies with regards to family planning.

It seems to me that sometimes within the Mormon community, we make too much emphasis on the number of children instead of being concerned with how we go about providing for them in all aspects, not only financially but also emotionally. Any parent out there can testify that having children change your life forever, and they are not and should not be seen as ‘accessories” Like a Gucci handbag.

What is now considered a large family anyways? Heck, I imagine 2 or 3 children shouting at the top of their lungs and chasing each other all over the house, you taking a shower at 12:00pm (If you are lucky!) AND you stepping on Lego blocks in the middle of the night… Isn’t that enough torture? Why multiply that by 12 for heaven’s sake?!

God said “Multiply and Replenish the Earth” But I doubt he meant just for *you* to do it.


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