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About Me

What is the purpose of your blog?

I just want to express how I see or observe things. In case you wonder, I do not hold malice against anyone *music of the movie Jaws playing in the background*...Nah seriously, I think it's good to smile and laugh a little bit, it keep us "sane" right?..Yes I know, in cases like me seems to be a lost cause but...you get the drift. Plus who says being a Mormon isn't fun?! Having the ability to laugh at ourselves it's great!

If not, just imagine giving birth to your child number 6 and the next day your amazing Bishop asks to meet you and with a big smile on his face extends you a calling as a Nursery Leader! Now tell me if THAT it’s not something to laugh about! Orrrrrr… wait!! Cry eh!!?

Seriously, there is no agenda folks.

What is your definition of the word "cheeky"?

I realized that the word has many meanings, in and outside the US. I am going by the British definition which is a lighthearted amusing way of saying "naughty/mischievous". And you know, I mean the good, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, lovely, of good report Mormon kind of "naughty/mischievous".

Are you an active member of the LDS church?

Yes, I am and it’s my sincere wish that everyone that comes to Church or doesn’t come to Church because of different life situations can feel welcome, accepted, and loved by ALL of us, regardless of our differences…just like the Savior would want.


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