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Members of the Church say a lot of things. You know, the good, the bad, the ugly and the idiotic"¦or what? You don't think Mormons can say idiotic things, too?

One of the things that gets on my nerves (And yeah, it doesn't take much because there is Italian blood running through my veins so forgive me) is when you hear people going inactive and suddenly for some odd reason..the unctuous, pharisaic, sanctimonious guy or woman comes along and starts giving their reasons for such inactivity"¦ please fasten your seat-belts.

1. "Their testimony was weak": Really? Are you a testimonyologer? Where did you get the degree from? So you go around measuring people's testimonies like taco sauce at Taco Bell: Weak, mild, strong? Puh-lease. Do you truly realize how much that sentiment can hurt to someone who is going through hard times?

Oh are saying that because you are not telling them that directly to their face but you go around gossiping about them isn't THAT bad? Oh, gotcha. Good for you!

2."Did you see them? They never fit in anyways": I wonder if you did anything to make them feel appreciated and loved or because they looked different or thought different than what you consider the "norm", you decided to keep away from them?

Of course, I totally understand you, I could never blame you. How in the world they dare being around people like you in Church! In Church! Of all places, their nerve! I propose that they should have separate rows for their own kind, don't you agree?

3. "The only reason for inactivity is sin" : Oh, I did not know you was less active too. Oh, you are not? Wait"¦am I talking with the only sinless person who ever walked on this earth: Jesus Christ? Jesussss! Hold on.. Oh, you are not Jesus, you almost got me there. And I hear you loud and clear, thank goodness you and I are active Church members, we do not want to be sinners like our brethren!